Q: Can I apply for courses offered by my own University? For example, if I am a student in Cagliari can I take courses offered at the University of Cagliari?
A: It depends on the specific course. You will find this information in the prerequisites. Please take a look at them before completing your application. Otherwise, your application might be rejected.
Q: Can I acquire ECTS by doing a course or a programme offered in the Course Catalogue?
A: Participating in a course doesn't guarantee you that ECTS will be added to your career. Before sending in your application, please contact your degree coordinator to know if the activity can be recognised at your University or degree program.
Q: I'm a PhD student. Can I take part in the courses proposed in the catalogue?
A: Some courses are targeted at PhD students. You can filter them by selecting the "PhD" option on the right-side filter options. Some other courses are open to PhD even if they are oriented to bachelor and master students. You will find more information in the detail section.
Q: Are the courses free?
A: In general, yes! All virtual courses are free for EDUC students, for in-person short term courses, scholarships are provided, however students may need to contribute personal funds if the scholarship doesn't cover all costs based on the students spending habits.
Q: What is the deadline to apply?
A: The deadline differs depending on each course. In the detail section, you'll find the application deadline date.
Q: Can I choose as many courses as I want?
A: Theoretically yes, but some universities can have specific constraints. You can find more information in the "How to Apply" section.
Q: What does "Short programmes" mean?
A: Short programmes are courses that are offered within the EDUC framework with the following formats:
Q: Are there courses with no or low prerequisites?
A: Yes, several courses are offered within EDUC with no or low prerequisites, but all courses will have a language prerequisite depending on the language of instruction. You will find more information in the detail section of each course.